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Shopping Apps Make Black Friday a High Tech Breeze

Danielle Benjamin

Thursday, November 28, 2013 • 11:08pm

While we all love stuffing our stomachs with turkey and pies during Thanksgiving dinner, the day after is not always as relaxing. Black Friday used to be a very stressful time of year. Whether standing online from 5 a.m, or fighting a determined teenage girl for the last discounted sweater, the effort of Black Friday shopping caused unnecessary anxiety.

But not anymore.  Now the new and improved tech savvy shoppers get all the best finds from the comfort of their couches. For all you modern shoppers who prefer your PJs to this years anxieties and can’t afford to put the extra burden on your wallet, here are ten amazing apps that can surely make your Black Friday shopping experience go more smoothly.

TGI Black Friday, a specially designed app for this one day of the year, was produced by the website DealCatcher. It features thousands of deals from dozens of big name stores.

The Google Shopper app is all about beating the competition, it gives you the option to compare the prices of competing retailers.

Snip Snap gives you a quick and easy alternative to walking around with a bag full of coupons. This app allows you to scan and save coupons onto your phone, and gives you notifications about when they will expire.

Shop Savvy helps you find the best products and prices, while also functioning as a social media site, allowing you to connect with your friends and see where they are shopping this Black Friday.

Another great shopping tool that bargain hunters are going crazy over is Shopkick, Shopkick gives you instant “kickbucks” just for doing things like checking into a store. These Kickbucks can then be easily redeemed as useful gift cards. Shopkick also notifies you of huge sales at a wide range of stores like Target, Best Buy, or Macy's.

Flipp is another amazing app.  It creates a booklet of all the biggest store ads so you can easily flip through and decide which stores are worth your time.

Shop Advisor is an incredible app that allows you to keep and eye on your favorite products, and notifies you when it has reached its lowest price.

Some stores such as Madewell, a popular store at the Short Hills Mall, offer special codes, which allow you to get in-store discounts online. Madewell is offering 25% of the entire store up to December 2nd, this sale includes online product, with free shipping if you use the code FEAST25.

Finally one of Americas biggest retailers, Bloomingdales is offering an online only sale, taking $25 off every $200 spent.

Online shopping is becoming a new Black Friday craze, and smart consumers everywhere are realizing that there is no reason to make yourself go through to stressful  mall scavenger hunt. With these amazing apps and sales, everyone can become both tech savvy, and price savvy this holiday season.

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