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SEF Grant Provides Math Activity Stations to Lincoln-Hubbard

G. Chang

Monday, November 18, 2013 • 8:25pm

SUMMIT, NJ - Third grade classrooms at Lincoln-Hubbard Elementary School received a grant from the Summit Educational Foundation (SEF) for Math Activity Stations created by Lakeshore Learning.  The six differentiated math activity stations are aligned with the Common Core Standards.  Each station contains a box of activities encompassing games, materials, and instructions to enrich and provide additional learning opportunities for students.  Activity kits are designed to assist students performing under, at, and above grade level expectations.

Ms. Truc-Lan Vu, third grade teacher at Lincoln-Hubbard and the grant author says, “I find them extremely easy to use.  So far this year, we have used activity centers where students are assigned activities in which they need the most support, and then are given a list of "may do" activities once they complete their assigned center work.”

Third grader Geoffrey Dougherty adds, "What I like best is you have the freedom to move anywhere in the room and most of the activities are different."  Geoffrey also highlighted that the activities were fun for the students to do in class.

The grant also included “Hot Dot Pens” and a set of cards that are delineated by math skill level.  These cards allow students to work independently or cooperatively to solve skill-based multiple-choice problems.  The novelty of the pen is that it tells you if the answer is right or wrong as soon as you touch the pen to the card. Math has never been this much fun!

To learn more about SEF, visit www.sefnj.org.

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