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South Orange/Maplewood — Police Blotter

Robbery, Burglary and Auto Theft in Maplewood

Maplewood Police Department

Thursday, November 21, 2013 • 5:14pm

MAPLEWOOD, NJ - The following items were reported by the Maplewood Police Department:

November 11, 2013, Robbery; At approximately 745 PM two males approached a male and female pedestrian.  The actors demanded the victim’s iphone before taking it and entering the passenger side of a stolen Dodge Caravan.  The vehicle then fled East on Springfield Ave.  There were no injuries to the victims.

November 12, 2013, Burglary; A home on Prospect St was entered between 930AM and 130 PM.  Damage was found to a door and electronics and jewelry were reported stolen.

November 12, 2013, Burglary Attempt; During the daytime hours damage was found to the door of a home on Mountainview Terr.  Entry was not gained to the home.

November 14, 2013, Burglary; Between 9PM and midnight, an apartment of a home on Menzel Ave was forcibly entered.  Electronics, cash and a watch were reportedly stolen from the home.

November 15, 2013, Attempt Purse Snatch;  A female carrying groceries into her home on Woodside Rd was approached by two males that attempted to steal her purse.  They were unsuccessful in their attempt and fled East on Woodside Rd.

November 17, 2013, Burglary of Motor Vehicle; A vehicle in the driveway of a Walton Rd residence was forcibly entered.  An Ipod and several other items were removed from the vehicle.

November 17, 2013, Auto theft; During the overnight hours, a vehicle was stolen from a home on Madison Ave and driven down the street into another vehicle.  The vehicle it was driven into had all four tired and rims stolen from it and a NJ Temp tag was stolen from a different vehicle in the same driveway.

All incidents are currently under investigation by the Detective Bureau.  Residents are asked to practice good crime prevention techniques and secure their garages and automobiles when left unattended.

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