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Ribbon Cut for New Family Room at Runnells Specialized Hospital

Emily McHale

Thursday, July 18, 2013 • 5:01pm

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - Members of the Runnells Foundation and residents at Runnells Specialized Hospital in Berkeley Heights gathered Tuesday morning to witness the ribbon-cutting for the new family room at the hospital.

“The residents love the room. I’ve had every weekend booked a couple of hours at each time and I’ve had other people just coming daily and using it for lunch or sitting and watching TV,” said Felice Twaddle, a Runnells Foundation Board Member who was particularly instrumental in the renovation of the new room.

Equipped with new couches, a table, a television, and a piano, residents at the hospital will be afforded a more comfortable atmosphere to spend time with their families, particularly if the families include young children.

“The room took about three or four months to complete. The last piece to go in was the floor. It was a white regular tile floor and after the furniture came it just didn’t look right. So we went ahead and put the vinyl wood floor in and it gave it that sense of warmth,” said Twaddle.

Other board members from the Runnells Foundation were also in attendance, including president of the Runnells Foundation,Charles Nunn; former Union County Manager and current board member George Devanney; president of the Resident Council, Ernest Salvati; and vice-president of the Resident Council, Angela Cullen.

The new family lounge is just one of the many improvements the Runnells Foundation has made to the hospital.

“We raise money for the benefit of the residents and patients that live in Runnells Hospital. We’ve done the outside lobby with the piano and the sitting area, we’ve done an outside courtyard with wrought iron furniture and a big tent so that everybody can go outside.We try to utilize our fundraising to benefit the residents of the facility,” said Twaddle.

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