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Public Asked To Share New Flyer And Letter To Missing Gregory Mayer

Brenda A. Nemcek

Monday, March 10, 2014 • 10:57am

BASKING RIDGE, NJ - The heartbroken parents of missing teen, Gregory Mayer have written a letter to him with the hope that it will reach their son. The flyer has been updated with additional photos of Mayer without glasses and with facial hair. The public is asked to continue to share the information.
Mom and I are devastated by your disappearance. We love you and miss you terribly. Its Sunday, March 9th, 16 days since we last saw you, and we are deeply concerned for your welfare. Whatever your reasons are for running, give us a chance to talk about it. You have my word that we will not send you back to the Discovery Ranch or any treatment programs. If you call 908-350-7741, you will reach me directly, and I will arrange for a plane ticket home to NJ, no questions asked.
Please let us know you are ok.
Love, Dad
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