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Over Three Dozen Third and Fourth Graders Join “300 Club”

Bob Jones

Monday, December 23, 2013 • 4:00am

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – The “300 Club” is a select group, and not everyone is eligible to be in it.  But at last week’s school-board meeting, 39 third and fourth graders joined its ranks.

While not an official organization, the “300 Club” refers to students who received perfect scores of 300 on NJ-ASK—an annual state assessment (a.k.a. test) given to elementary- and middle-school-aged students.

South Plainfield students took NJ-ASK last spring, and the results were released when this year’s school year began.  The board honored third and fourth graders at its December meeting and will honor the older students next month. 

Students earning a perfect 300 on the test are:

Franklin School:  Charissa Albano, Rohan Gupta, Evan Schimanski, Robert Albano, Sarah Housel, Christopher Lee, Brandon Melgar, Jefferson Nguyen, and Benjamin Ullrich.

Kennedy School: James Buchanan, Mikael Evans, Roshan Kenath, Natalie Leonardis, Christopher Spadavecchia, Leila Traitt, Fiona Ersing, Brian Gallagher, and Henry Sprigle

Riley School:  Tyler Balent, Emily Wong, Sebastian Annamandthado, and Walter Ladelle

Roosevelt School: Titikasha Agrawal, Samay Dhawan, Brian Doherty, Trisha Gullapudi, Bill Luo, Aaryam Maheshwary, Chandan Marle, Farid Amini, Athena Annum, Bhuvan Dwarasila, Jerry Kong, Lina Lopez, Jennifer Nguy, Diana Nguyen, Gabrielle Petrillo, Esha Tripathia, and Ariana Uknuis. 

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