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Outgoing Mayor Passes Finance Committee, Awards Volunteers

Christopher Renda

Saturday, December 7, 2013 • 4:36pm

RANDOLPH,NJ-Rounding out the year, and Tom MacArthur’s term as mayor, Randolph Town Council met Thursday for the last time in 2013. Before the meeting mayor and town council also awarded volunteers and selected businesses for their respective contributions to Randolph.

When MacArthur’s term as mayor officially comes to a close he will revert back to council member, and the council will select next year’s mayor Jan. 1, 2014. With his term’s end in sight the mayor took the creation of a Finance Work Group in hand. 

Mike Guadagno and Al Napoliello, who had opposed the first resolution at last month’s meeting, both supported the mayor’s new stripped-down formulation, which calls for a group of three town council members who will meet only during the first quarter of the year to discuss and analyze town spending and budget, and make recommendations to the rest of the council.

But the changes were not sufficient for council member Roman Hirniak to change his mind and vote in favor of the committee. “I oppose it…I think the first aspect is fine.  I think that we should have a say in what [financial] reports we should receive.  Under no circumstances do I think we should be delving into audit standards and making recommendations to our auditors as far the standards they use,” he said

Seeing a lack of unanimity, Mayor MacArthur made a motion to create a Finance Work Group, the first and only time he has invoked that power as mayor.  The motion passed the council 6-1 with Hirniak dissenting.

MacArthur said, “Auditors are chosen, hired, and report to this council.  We are in fact responsible for directing them. One of the first things a council or a board of directors or anyone does with an auditor is define the scope of audit.  There are minimum standards, but beyond those - asking them to give us management recommendations or evaluate our internal controls - those are the prerogative and the responsibility of a council.”

Also, at the meeting, newly hired town CFO Darren Maloney formally introduced himself for the first time.  Maloney is a graduate of Columbia with over twenty years’ experience working in town finance in New York and New Jersey.  He will be overlapping with outgoing CFO Mike Soccio for the next few months to ensure a good transition.  He said, “I’m just thrilled to be here.  I really am.  This is a premiere community and I just consider myself lucky to be here.”

Finally, John Lovell announced that the county is nearly ready to go ahead with the replacement of the two bridges, on Combs Hollow Road, that cross India Brook.  A public forum for Randolph and Mendham residents will take place before construction, which is planned to begin in the summer.  “The structures are attractive.  They will be safer,” he said.

At the reception, the mayor and council thanked for their service many of the volunteers who staff the town’s committees, and awarded proclamations to four local businesses for their particular contributions to the town.  MacArthur said at the start, “It’s very special to be mayor of a town you’ve lived in for twenty years.  There are a lot of things I’ve liked about it.  One of them is I get to see how important volunteerism is.  It’s really the backbone of how the town works.”


Recreation Committee 

Bob Lindquist

Bob Barbiere

Ned Levine

Marie Potter

Michael Behar

Doug Todd

Alexis Giordano (Student Member)


Wildlife Management Advisory Committee

Marc Perez

John Spano

Joe Speer

Ethan Blynn


Board of Library Trustees

Pam Obremski

Stephanie Pangaro

Kathy Algeier


Planning Board

Art Lee

John Herold

John Jerow

Roy Squillario

Environmental Committee

Kathleen Mygas

Larry Appel


Economic Development Committee

Ed Metz

Sue Scola

Lou Nisivoccia

Joe DeFeo

Ravi Makhija (Student Member)

John Ragan


Board of Health

Kim Tkacs


Municipal Alliance Committee

Debbie MacArthur

Paula Scali

Ron Harmetz

Elizabeth Ritter

Will Haney

Board of Adjustment

Mark Forstenhausler

Jim Grimshaw

Roy Claps

Jonathon Gold

Matt Tal


Traffic Advisory Committee

Greg Mohr

Harry Ruiz

Audrey Verona

Matt Tal


Landmarks Committee

Maryann Marcello

Sunita Mathur


Businesses Awarded Proclamations:

Morris Tap & Grill

LA Fitness

The Music Den

Indoor Sports Pavilion

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