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New Jersey Hall of Fame Mobile Museum Rolls Into West Orange

Kate Davenport

Friday, June 28, 2013 • 1:00am

WEST ORANGE, NJ - On June 27, the New Jersey Hall of Fame Mobile Museum rolled into West Orange to visit the Thomas Edison National Historical Park as part of their launch week.  Earlier stops included the NJ State Museum and Atlantic City.  Families visiting the Mobile Museum enjoyed interactive digital screens with short informational clips on different inductees, memorabilia, and photographs of each New Jersey Hall of Fame member.

Inductees represent all different walks of life and professions.  From musicians to businessmen, actors and inventors, all inductees share not only New Jersey roots but the ability to change others and the world around them.

Inducted members include musicians Jon Bon Jovi, football coach Vince Lombardi, inventor Thomas Edison, and actor Paul Robeson.  Not all inductees are well known but do not fail to inspire. Captain Brian Brennan is an unsung hero who awakened from a 3 week coma by Gen. David Petraeus’ salute after suffering a traumatic brain injury and losing both legs in Afghanistan in 2008.  Brennan went on to recover and walk again.  The youngest inductee was Eric LeGrand,  the former Rutgers football player who was paralyzed following a tackle during an October 2010 game. LeGrand fought against all odds to stay positive and push forward,  and in October 2011, rode onto the field with his teammates in what is considered to be one of the most inspiring and emotional moments in sports history.

 While the week of June 24 is the Launch Week for the Mobile Museum, Hall of Fame President Steve Edwards noted that it has taken two years to bring it to life.  Some upcoming locations for the Mobile Museum include stops along the Jersey shore to  bring pride, excitement, and joy to New Jersey residents  who lost so much this past year.  

The Museum is not only a wonderful way to learn about the historical figures from New Jersey but it really is proof that anyone, from anywhere can make a difference in the world,” said John Keegan, Chairman Emeritus of the Edison Foundation. “It’s  all about education, teaching kids responsibility, and about making a difference.” 

Vidoovy president and town videographer Pat Sutherland provided a video link to the event:


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