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Morristown Wildcat Football Has Begun

Susan Scholz

Thursday, August 21, 2014 • 10:38pm

MORRISTOWN, NJ -  Football season has begun for children in Morristown, Morris Township, and Morris Plains. The Wildcat Football and Cheerleading program is open to all tax- payers in Morristown, Morris Plains, and Morris Township.

The organization believes in a fundamentally-based youth program.  As stated on their website, “Our mission is to teach sportsmanship, integrity, academic achievement and football skills and techniques while developing outstanding student athletes.”

Brian Klinger, started the Morristown Wildcat Recreation Club in 2007.  The 2014 season has 170 tackle players, 100 flag football players, and 85 cheerleaders.

The tackle football program is open to individuals from grades 3-8. The program strives to teach  the rules of football in a positive environment, while emphasizing teamwork and good sportsmanship. According to the Wildcat website, all players receive play time during practice, scrimmages, and games. The amount of playtime will vary depending upon the grade level. Safety is the number one concern in all grade levels.

To ensure the safety and well-being of the players, The Morristown Wildcat Recreation Club is also offering free Impact Testing for children 10 years or older registered in their program. 

The flag football program is geared towards children in grades K-3.  The Wildcat Flag Football players are equally divided into multiple teams. Players are taught the basic rules for football as well as good sportsmanship and teamwork. 

The cheerleading program is open to individuals from grades 2-8. There is no prior experience needed to be a cheerleader. The Wildcat Cheerleading Program believes in teaching skills, cheers and some gymnastics in a positive and fun environment. 

Games begin September 14 and run though November 2. Playoffs will continue through November 23. 

Any questions regarding the flag or tackle programs can be directed to Brian Klinger at brianklinger@morristownwildcats.org.

Any questions regarding the cheer program can be directed to Jennifer Curnow or Chrissy Croonquist at morristownwildcatscheer@gmail.com





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