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Mohawk Avenue School Wears Red for Caring

Jennifer Dericks

Saturday, December 21, 2013 • 4:43pm

SPARTA, NJ- Everywhere you looked at Mohawk Avenue school on Friday, you saw Red.  Not to worry, though, it was Red Day.  Everyone in the building, students and staff, were encouraged to wear  the color of the month, associated with the character trait of the month, 'Caring'. 

Each month the school has theme of a character trait and a coordinating color.  September was warm Yellow, representing Friendship.  October was Green for Respect.  In November everyone wore Orange for the trait of Responsibility.

Principal Laura Trent visits each class to read a story that is relevant to the character trait.  Teachers also do lessons that convey and exemplify the focus of the month. 

When the morning kindergarten class of Ms Doyle/Ms Jacobs was asked why they were wearing red, most hands enthusiastically raise into the air.  When called on to answer, Madeline said in the loudest voice a five year old can muster, "We're wearing red for caring!" 

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