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Mock Admissions Night at Hopatcong High School

Diane Klaif, The Alternative Press

Sunday, November 24, 2013 • 4:39pm

On Thursday, November 14th, the Hopatcong High School Guidance Office held its annual Mock Admissions Night. This year’s mock college admissions panel was comprised of representatives from William Paterson University, Bloomsburg University, The College of New Jersey, Ramapo College, and Lehigh University. The panelists took turns critiquing five transcripts of actual Hopatcong graduates and provided valuable feedback to the students and parents in attendance. The transcripts not only included the students’ grades throughout their freshman through senior years but also their SAT scores and a list of activities in which they participated.

Following the panelists’ discussion of the transcripts, the audience, comprised of nearly sixty students and parents, was able to ask questions of the representatives. Popular questions included, “How many times should I take the SATs?” and “Which is better – a C in an Honors class or a B in a College Prep class?” The panelists took turns answering each question thoroughly and provided some helpful tips. For instance, Lehigh’s representative stated that getting recommendation letters is like being on the set of a TV production studio. You want to get letters from three different “camera angles.” She recommended getting letters from an academic teacher, the student’s guidance counselor, and someone who can provide a third unique perspective, such as a coach or an elective teacher. Overall, the night was a great success – the guidance department is looking forward to next year’s panel already!

If you would like more information on this topic, or to schedule an interview with Cynthia Randina, Superintendent of Schools, please call JoAnne Murray at 973-398-8801 or email at jmmurray@hopatcongschools.org.

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