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Maplewood’s 1978 Arts Center Solves Your Gift-Giving Dilemmas with Small Works Show

Joy Yagid

Friday, November 29, 2013 • 9:12am

MAPLEWOOD, NJ - Got a gift list and don't know where to start? Come to 1978 Arts Center's BANG 8 (Buy Art Now Guys), their eight annual small works show and sale in Maplewood NJ. The center is open on the following weekends, December 7-8 and 14-15 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. At the show you will find all sorts of great one of a kind gifts from nearly 60 local artists from Essex, Union and Morris counties as well at least one from NY.

A small works show limits the size of the work shown and the price of the art. In BANG, the work is limited to 12” x 16” and the price is under $300 with most work $50 or less.

The show, which is 1978's main fundraising event, attracts painters that work acrylics, oils, watercolors and encaustics. There are jewelers that work with found objects, semi precious metals and of course, bottle caps. There will be photographers that work with traditional subjects and printing and those that print on metal and do abstract collage. There will also be sculptures, metal work and a few other surprises.

All the art is in a range of affordable prices, is displayed and offered for sale. A special member’s preview for Friends of 1978 will be held on Friday, December 2 from 7 – 9 p.m.  The center is accepting new memberships at the door if you're not already a member. 20% of all sales from BANG VIII will go to 1978 to support the exhibits and community projects presented by the arts center throughout the year.

1978 Arts Center is located at 1978 Springfield Ave, Maplewood, NJ. For more information, please visit http://1978artscenter.org/.

Artists included in the show:

Kitkat Hong, Maplewood NJ, Drawing on acid-free cardstock paper and white gel pen: I am an avid drawer and draw what I see around me.  There’s nothing like the power of spare, drawn lines that turn into an image.  My daughters act as muses just by being at play.  I think of childhood, beauty of the human figure and peace.

Gina Petrecca, Springfield, NJ, Digital Photography: The kind of photography I'm into photographing is nature, still life, landscapes, anything to those subjects. What I like about them is they can have something beautiful, mysterious, other worldly, and interesting about them. I can come up with a lot of words to describe the feeling I get when I see something I want to photograph. Plus when you edit them in a different color it makes it even more exciting. I want to have feelings come out in my work. Sometimes certain colors I choose can mean so many things. Of course only I know what it means but to have other people question it, is pretty interesting. I don’t like editing photos much because I want to have a natural state to it. Nature shots never have a lot to remove. I simply just add some more color or leave it the way it is and it always looks amazing.

Heidi Sussman, West Orange, Photography/ Photo Encaustics: I have always been obsessed with time, and try to define where that fine line exists between the past and present. As a photographer I capture a moment in time. I often add art media like wax to my images to create a mood that may not be apparent in a traditional print. Recently I have discovered the excitement and immediacy of using my iPhone as my camera to capture and reprocess my images, as I appreciate the irony of using today's sophisticated level of technology to create work that looks like it was produced in the past.

Kathy Cantwell, Maplewood, Painter: Kathy Cantwell is currently painting using encaustic medium. This is an ancient art form using melted beeswax, damar resin and pigment to create the unexpected. BANG will be showing Cantwell's two 6"x6" encaustic paintings of Maplewood Train Station. Affordably priced and truly one of kind.

Carol Schlitt, West Orange, Color Photography/Photojournalism style: A recovering New York City lawyer and avid photographer, Carol Schlitt began consulting for foundations and nonprofits and exhibiting her photography when she moved to New Jersey. For this show, she has chosen several small works that reflect her love of nature – intimate photographs taken on long walks through the reservation, visits to local gardens and quiet moments in her own backyard. With photographs of raindrops on flowers and newly budding cherry blossoms, Carol’s work is reflective of the local beauty all around us -- that we see only when we have an extra moment to stop and take it in.

Ananda Lima, Just moved to Maplewood from Queens this May, Photography: I did the work I have at BANG in my first Winter in NY, having always lived in warm places before that I was dreading the idea of being cold, but I was actually surprised about the nice things about Winter, including the beautiful angle of sunlight (which was particularly beautiful in my tiny studio apartment) This lead me to experiment with that light and what I had around me. The effect of it on ordinary objects like spoons and forks created something a little surreal that reminded me of the architecture of home (in Brasilia, Brazil).

Michael Endy, Westfield, Fine Art photography: My photographs are raw portraits of New Jersey. No gloss or make-up, just plain beauty. Like a character in a Springsteen lyric, they may be rough around the edges, but they’re honest and poetic.

Susan Napack, South Orange, Handcrafted wire crochet earrings, and jewelery: It's exhilarating and surprising to hear friends, neighbors and even strangers say "I'm wearing my Napacks!"I get a happy jolt of recognition when I see them wearing my circular, wire crochet earrings, pendants and pins. Making jewelry is a side line, of a side line of a side line for me — but I have always done it. Somehow, in addition to my "real" occupations of graphic design and fine art, I've gravitated to making unique adornments out of metal and hand-made glass and miscellaneous found and acquired objects. At first, they were just for me, and now, it's a thrill that other people enjoy wearing "Napacks" too!

John DiLorenzo, South Orange, Painting/narrative: My work as a painter is an exploration in the dark. It's the product of distorted early memories and visions. I believe these images are not the product of fantasy, but a deeper "reality".

Eric Beckerich, Maplewood, Mortar & Mixed Media/abstract: I love combining found objects and items from nature to create my 2" mortar and mixed media cubes. These small sculptures are great conversation pieces for a desktop, window sill or shelf, but they're also nice to just hold in your hand. My large-scale sculptures were featured in the November 21 issue of the NewsRecord.


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