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Scotch Plains/Fanwood — Letters to the Editor

Locust Avenue Incident

Mayor Colleen Mahr and Police Chief Richard Trigo

Monday, November 25, 2013 • 7:27am

As your Mayor and Police Chief, we want you to know that the Fanwood Police Department responded quickly and professionally to this situation, immediately securing the neighborhood and offering protection to families who lived adjacent to the active crime scene. (article) We sincerely appreciate the fast backup our officers received from the Scotch Plains and Westfield Police Departments and the many County resources that assisted in resolving the situation. We also thank the Fanwood and Scotch Plains Rescue Squads and paramedics from JFK Medical Center and Overlook Hospital for standing by the entire time in case medical assistance was required. We would ask our citizens to help our neighbors on Locust Avenue to return to normalcy by limiting unnecessary visits to their street.

--Colleen Mahr, Mayor

Richard Trigo, Police Chief


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