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Local Artists Present Art Show at Stonecrest Community Church

Brenda A. Nemcek

Monday, December 9, 2013 • 3:55pm

WARREN, NJ - Three talented artists in the Warren community contributed to a fabulous show currently on display at the Stonecrest Community Church.

Produced by Monica Giglio, the Advent art show tells the Christmas story from prophecy through fulfillment. Everyone of all faiths is welcome to view it any Sunday at Stonecrest Community Church in Warren. The show will be up for all of December and features contributions by Monica Giglio, Anne Madsen Isedeh and Kathy Tobitsch.

Pastor of Children Rev. Tom McKenna said, "Stonecrest is an artistic place and to showcase artists is fantastic. Everyone is unique with different skills and ways of expressing their faith."

Lead Pastor Rev.Brent Haggerty said, "For some, art is their work, for some, art is their worship and for others it is their pastime. The artists teach people like myself that there are other ways to worship." 

When asked what he thought of the show, Haggerty said, "When I walked in on Saturday, it was stunning. I didn't know what to expect. When I came from Africa 17 years ago we tried lots of experiments, and had lots of funerals for experiments." 

Take the time to see the art in person as the photos don't do it justice.

As the show was determined to be a successful experiment, look for additional art shows at Stonecrest throughout the year. 

For more information on Stonecrest Community Church, go to: http://www.stonecrestchurch.org













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