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Newton — Letters to the Editor

Hollywood or Trenton?

Bill Weightman

Thursday, November 21, 2013 • 1:37pm

Recently, we witnessed the most bizarre of political movements in New Jersey. The Governor, listening it seems to a Democratic State Senate President, angry about some electioneering against him, sought to remove Republican Senate Minority leader Tom Kean from his post, as Minority with the help of the Republican Governor!

As one source noted, maybe it was because the Senate Minority leader tried to get more Republicans elected.


The Governor -it seems- was working with the Democratic Senate President Steve Sweeney to elect Republican Senator Kevin O'Toole from Essex County to that post of Minority leader, and demote Senator Kean.

The State Senate Republicans opted by a vote of 10 to 6 to continue with Senator Tom Kean.  Is the sky falling?  What happened?  My guess is that some political courage by 10 Republican Senators to do the right thing was in place.

Kean is a moderate by most standards- not really mine-, and O'Toole is a relatively nice guy, but this has the workings of a joint effort by the Governor and his supposed rival Democrats to rig the Senate for easy votes. There is nothing wrong with easy votes up and down, but,  I like to think that we have transparency in Trenton.  Yeah, how foolish is that notion!

You know the Senate  did the same to Codey to remove him from his State Senate President post, but that included a larger force of operatives!

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