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Heart Healthy

Thursday, November 21, 2013 • 6:28pm

ARISTACARE AT CEDAR OAKS, 1311 Durham Avenue, South Plainfield, NJ 07080,
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Q:  Florence T. writes: My husband has suffered several heart attacks in the last few years.  He’s going in for surgery next month and will need rehab after his hospital stay.  How can I make sure that he gets the most out of rehab without overexerting his heart? 


A:  The heart is the most vital organ in our bodies; it is what keeps us going both literally and figuratively. Depending on the type of heart surgery, most patients are advised to take it easy and not overexert themselves afterwards, but that should not translate into not doing anything at all.  When researching subacute rehab centers you want to keep in mind the key components of leading a heart-healthy way of life: diet, exercise, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One of the most significant aspects of a patient’s stay at a rehab center with the exception of the obvious rehab portion is the food being offered and its nutritional value. Make sure to look at some sample menus to see if heart-healthy options are made available (i.e., AristaCare offers a heart-healthy menu specifically designed for cardiac patients). Furthermore it is essential that the staff encourage patients to take with them the knowledge they are learning and apply it to their everyday life. Exercise is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well as keeping your heart strong; however, most cardiac patients are hesitant when it comes to exercise, especially after a cardiac episode. Rehab therapists should be exercising cardiac patients as much as their bodies can tolerate while making sure the patients feel safe while doing so. AristaCare has a team of professionals including a cardiac nurse as well as a Cardiologist to ensure patient safety. The cardiologist makes certain that exercise programs are set to each patient’s appropriate level and our cardiac nurse ensures their safety through cardiac telemetry monitoring during all rehab sessions. This provides a safe environment for patients to exercise comfortably without worry.  Living a healthy lifestyle is another important key to maintaining a healthy heart which is why discharge planning is so very important. Life after discharge is a hot topic not just for the patient but also for the loved ones who will be caring for them at home. Since education is empowering and is truly the key to a successful recovery, please also make sure that the rehab center you choose has a friendly, caring, and well trained staff able to prepare you and your husband on what to expect after he is discharged and how you can continue to safely and comfortably overcome any obstacles.


Best Wishes,

Vimla Parboji

Vimla’s role at AristaCare at Cedar Oaks is Physician and Community Liaison and she does exactly that. She is an integral part of our Marketing Team and connects with our physicians on a weekly basis and also the community through internal and external events sponsored by AristaCare. She was born in

Guyana, South America and has lived in Edison for the past 14 yrs. She graduated Rutgers with a Bachelor’s degree in English. She is recently married and in her spare time loves to read, watch a good movie, cook, and be active outdoors. Vimla will make sure that the appropriate professional at AristaCare at Cedar Oaks will answer your healthcare questions, so be sure to send them in!!

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