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Half Way to St. Patrick's Day Party Honors Longtime Chatham Resident

Brian Bolten

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 • 6:50pm

CHATHAM, NJ - This past September, the Bolten's hosted their 3rd annual "Half Way to St. Patrick's Day" party for their friends and neighbors, which typically wouldn't be very newsworthy.
But earlier this year, the Bolten's lost their friend and neighbor, Daniel Hartigan, after a long and colorful life, which started in Limerick, Ireland. He loved the parties, and to help celebrate him, the event was renamed in his honor, and the hosts asked their guests to help raise money for charity in his name.
As part of the party, the Peter Smith School of Irish Dance was invited to perform. Their official charity is the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and since a few of the young attendees are currently living with this disease, the Bolten's thought it would be an appropriate tie-in.
The 75 or so guests donated upwards of $500, and Brian Bolten's employer was able to match most of it, resulting in a recent donation to the JDRF of $850. 
A brief summary of the event, as well as the mass card from Dan's funeral, was typed up by Dan's widow, which was very heartwarming.
As we enter the holiday season, this story serves as a nice reminder that there are always ways to give back, while having a little fun in the process.
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