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Gov. Livingston Football Seniors Honored

Bobbie Peer

Friday, November 29, 2013 • 11:03am

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - The annual Thanksgiving Day game between Gov. Livingston and New Providence was the last home game of the 2013 season for the Highlanders football team.  As part of the [last home game] tradition,  the team's senior players as well as the senior cheerleaders were recognized in a special ceremony held before the game.

Pride was running high as the seniors were honored before taking the field at home for the final time of their high school career.   Each senior was announced and escorted by their parent and saluted by the underclassmen and home crowd. 

Football players honored include:
Anthony Amatucci
Jenson Butler
R. J. Greeley
P.J. Jamolawicz
Ryan Jennings
Connor Lawrence
Patrick Mahoney
Mike Matarredona
T.J. McGowan
Jeff McMahon
Dylan Nessenson
Thomas O'Sullivan
Pat Ragazzo
Brian Stearns

Cheerleaders honored include:
Kaity Hoffman
Kelly Keegan
Megan Romanko
Erin Trella
Jen Vislocky
Blair Wagner 

The Highlanders came out strong and it appeared that the tides were turning for this local holiday game rivalry [New Providence leads the holiday series 26-3-2].  The Highlanders took the early lead against New Providence with two first half touchdowns and a fourth quarter drive by Ryan Jennings scoring his third touchdown of the day.  With 9:24 left to play, the victory slipped away when the Pioneers scored two late in the game touchdowns to win 22-18.

Jennings reached the significant milestone of breaking the 1,000 yard rushing mark for the 2013 season by rushing 180 yards in this Thanksgiving Day game.



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