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Gabriele Fitness and Performance Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary

Bobbie Peer

Sunday, November 24, 2013 • 8:11pm

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ -  Gabriele Fitness and Performance (GFP) celebrated their 5-year anniversary at their Locust Avenue facility in Berkeley Heights with an adoring crowd of clients, mentors, staff and family on Saturday evening.  

GFP opened its doors on September 8, 2008 to a group of eight women who signed up to experience the "Fat Blast" boot camp class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings with Vince Gabriele and trainer Tom Langton.  As more clients enrolled, classes were added to accommodate the group of followers. Today, GFP has become the go-to facility for a life changing experience in health and fitness.  

Gabriele has met his lifelong goal of opening a premier Fitness and Sports Performance Training facility dedicated to health and wellness in the area that he was raised.  

"We focus on the person versus focus on performance. We used to try and get the athletes to get faster, we still do that, but as professionals, we have a whole other message that is coming across that we deliver. We can do both at the same time, and that is what separates us," said Vince Gabriele.  

"What's amazing about this place, they train a way of life, it's not just a work out," said John Haddad.  Haddad began his training with Gabriele behind the Berkeley Shopping Plaza before the Locust Avenue facility was built.

Haddad spread the word of Gabriele's fitness expertise and introduced the program to student athletes and then adults.  Gabriele credits Haddad for GFP's existence.  

It was Haddad's philosophy and theory behind the "Growth Mindset", said Gabriele. "Having the Growth Mindset is all about learning from mistakes, failures and challenging times. The ability to overcome failure and learn from your mistakes is essential to developing a stronger, fitter mind and body."

Haddad reached out to Michelle Sergio and others, who started training with Gabriele at Gov. Livingston High School prior to the Locust facility opening.  "Michelle is rock star client, the GFP bill board," said Gabriele. "From day one, she has been a great spokeswoman and role model. She is pioneering women getting strong."  

The trainers at GFP pride themselves on customized programs, individual attention and total-body focus to health.  "You get individualized attention in the class," said client Vicki Rosenthal. "It's not just about the exercise. I have changed the way I eat, they really promote the nutrition."  

Gabriele honored Diane Carr, a client since 2008, with the "Hero of the Half-Decade Award".  Carr, an asthmatic, was convinced that she could not run.  Gabriele had her step onto the treadmill and push herself.  Through Gabriele's training, Carr has successfully completed the NYC Marathon, 19 half-marathons, and forty 5Ks. "This is not about coming and changing your body.  It's about changing who you are," said Carr. "[Vince Gabriele] made me a better person." 

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