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Dream Big With The Warren Township Education Foundation in January

Brenda A. Nemcek

Friday, December 20, 2013 • 6:39am

WARREN, NJ - With the new year, the Warren Education Foundation will be renewed.

Superintendent Tami Crader says, "We are very fortunate in Warren that our entire community values and supports our educational programs. Your tax dollars continue to fund all that is necessary to educate our 2000 students.

The purpose of the Foundation is to fund items that go above and beyond what is necessary and offer our community the chance to “dream big” by supporting bold, creative, and innovative initiatives in our district.

The Foundation is an independent entity that will work collaboratively with the Board of Education, Parent- Teacher Organizations, corporations, and the greater community to enhance the educational excellence we so enjoy."

Warren Mayor Victor Sordillo announced at last week's Warren Township Committee that the WTEF will be "reinvigorated," and will attempt to bring the community into fundraising efforts.

The foundation, which will begin to meet at the end of January, was an outgrowth of the the K-8 school district's yearlong Strategic Plan process last year. "We are looking for partnerships with corporations and excited to fundraise for big projects and enhancements, "Crader said, " with a major wish on the list 21st-century computer labs for all of the schools."
At Monday's Board of Education meeting, Crader introduced Tanya McAusland, a parent volunteer, who will be spearheading the Foundation.
McAusland says,"It's a very exciting time to be involved with the renewal of the Warren Education Foundation. Although its been dormant for years, we believe the time is right to reengage, as we are very fortunate in Warren Township that our community values and supports educational programs. The purpose of the Foundation is to fund initiatives that go above and beyond what is necessary and offer our community the chance to “dream big” by supporting bold, creative, and innovative ideas in our district.   Given our judicious BOE, effective administers, and successful Parent-Teacher Organizations (PTOs), the Education Foundation will be a separate and independent entity, though will collaborate with each of these groups, as well as create relationships with corporations, that will grant monies to help fund these big projects.
For anyone in the community that is considering getting involved in this exciting project, an informational meeting is being planned for late January. To make this a great success from the very start, anyone that is willing to dedicate their time, energy and expertise specifically in fundraising, grant writing, web design, financial, and legal, will help make this project become less of a dream and more a reality. "
 If you are interested in working with other community members on this important project, contact Superintendent Dr. Tami Crader at tcrader@warrentboe.org or  Tanya McAusland at tmcausland@verizon.net .
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