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Downtown Millburn Development Alliance Sees Bright Year Ahead

David Lackey

Sunday, November 24, 2013 • 12:23pm

MILLBURN, NJ – The Downtown Millburn Development Alliance (DMDA) named its new Board of Directors and recapped the year at its annual board meeting this week.

Outgoing president Gina Colabelli said that 2013 was a good year for downtown Millburn. With the funds left over from not having an executive director, extra work was able to be done to beautify the downtown area and new banners were installed, as well.

“The DMDA’s Girls' Night Out event was a big success with more than 1,300 attendees,” said Colabelli.  She said that the organizers of the event have new ideas for next year, and she expects the event to get even bigger and better.

The Farmers’ Market will be moving back to its old location near the clock plaza in the parking lot by High Gear Cyclery.  Some of the farmers requested the change, citing increased visibility and hopefully increased sales at the location.  The opening of the new parking garage and its 77 new parking places for shoppers makes the change possible.

The Alliance is repairing the downtown sound system and will begin playing holiday music during shopping hours.  The system will also be utilized during the upcoming Snowflake Parade on December 1, and next year’s Girls Night Out.

The DMDA has brought on Gillian Moritz as Administrative Coordinator in order to have a dedicated person in the DMDA office every weekday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For the Board, Harry Roth (EyeQ) is moving from the position of Vice President to President, taking over for Gina Colabelli (Red Carpet) who will serve as Past President.  Greg Smith (Contemporary Art Editions) will be serving as Vice President, while James Weill (James Weill and Associates, Architects) is taking over as secretary and Ryan Beltz (Wells Fargo) will be Treasurer.

Vicky Powell (Shala), Peter Nallit, Vicky Halper (First Fashions) and Frank Salomone (The Studio Photographer) are all new to the Board of Directors for 2014.

Stepping down are Gennaro Raimo (after 12 years on the Board), John Buchholz (after 20 years with the organization) and Patricia Malanga (after 10 years with Downtown Millburn).

“As incoming President, my main focus will be on rejuvenating the organization with new members, new blood and people that will have a desire to be active,” Harry Roth said.

“I would like to thank Gina, who has done an outstanding job as President,” said Mario Verrico, owner of Mariano Francesco and Contessa Designs. “We are very happy to have had you and I’m sure Harry is going to pick up where you are leaving off and do a great job as well.”

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