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Community Garden In Berkeley Heights

The Alternative Press Staff

Friday, November 22, 2013 • 1:47pm

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ - The Berkeley Heights Community Learning Garden has been well received by residents, reported Councilman Ed Delia at the Township Council meeting this week.

Berkeley Heights Environmental Commission member and Community Learning Garden leader, Christina Lewis, has received interest from 75 residents who would like a plot in the garden and 62 residents who have signed up to volunteer time and rent a plot.  

The garden will be self-sustained by grant money and hours of volunteer work. When a resident rents a spot, they will also commit to volunteer time for maintenance of the overall garden.  

Two locations that are being considered by the Environmental Commission are plots of land by Snyder Avenue Park  and Littel-Lord Farmstead on Horseshoe Road. "It would bring what was an original farm back to being a farm, which is a neat idea," said Delia.

For information regarding the Community Learning Garden in Berkeley Heights, contact bhclgarden@gmail.com.

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