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Chief Crosson Launches Sergeant Zone Assignments for Chatham Borough

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 • 5:50pm

CHATHAM, NJ - The Chatham Borough Police Department is in the process of establishing community policing zones called “zone policing.”

The following is an explanation by Chief Philip Crosson of the zone policing plan:

The community policing zones will be managed by a sergeant, each of whom is assigned to specific ones. The sergeants will be the principal point of contact between the department and the neighborhoods, businesses and associations within their respective zones.

Moreover, these sergeants are assigned to identify problems in their zones and to work collectively with the other sergeants to address the problems borough wide. Problems that most people would neverconsider to be police matters are often identified as issues that, if left unattended, can often lead to criminal activity

As it stands, Chatham Borough is a community that enjoys a relatively low crime rate due to the quality of policing they provide. Accordingly, to maintain a good quality of life for its residents, Chatham Borough and the police department routinely focus on quality of life issues affecting the community; pedestrian safety, traffic safety, crime prevention, community awareness and partnerships.

The zone policing program will allow the police department to foster important partnerships with our community and provide a single point of contact with the police department for members of a specific neighborhood or Zone. This program will also require sergeants to work together agency wide to address the issues presented as they are required to patrol the entire town during their tours of duty.

The goal is to make residents aware of their point of contact in their respective zones for non-emergencv quality of life concerns to include: non-emergent traffic, pedestrian, noise and street light issues, crime prevention questions or concerns as well as non-emergent road conditions that could affect safety. A map identifying the Zone assignments can be found on the Chatham Borough website at www.chathamborough.org. Click the POLICE link which will take you to the police homepage, where you can click on the Sergeant Zone Map link to access the map that will identify the sergeant assigned to your Zone.

Through this program, all officers are required to become familiar with the citizens in their assigned zones, as this familiarity helps officers identify problems and work to solve them before they become larger problems. Residents should feel empowered to express their concerns through direct interaction with the officers.

Check out the Zone Map to identify your zone sergeant and feel free to contact them to discuss any non-emergent quality of life concerns or questions that you may have. All zone sergeants can be reached by calling (973) 635-8000 and following the telephone department directory to reach your specific zone sergeant. Remember that although all officers check their voicemail boxes regularly, rotating schedules may mean that calls will not be returned for several days, however, the sergeant will get back to you just as soon as they possibly can.

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