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Chatham Receives Grant for Electric Car-Charging Station; Pay by Phone Parking Coming to Train Station

Ed Barmakian

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 • 11:55pm

CHATHAM, NJ - Two electric-car charging stations, which would allow cars to be recharged in 15 minutes, and the ability to pay for train parking by phone are coming to Chatham Borough, according to details discussed at the recent meeting of the Borough of Chatham Council.

The new charging stations would allow a car to be recharged in 15 minutes and would be the first of their kind to be installed on the East Coast, according to Robert Falzarano, borough administrator.

Where to place the charging stations and what it will cost per charge are still being decided. Meanwhile, Chatham has awarded a contract that will allow for commuters to pay by phone at the train station. Once the system is installed and testing is complete, details will be released to the public.

Chatham has received a $20,000 grant to install two state-of-the-art electric car-charging stations through money provided by Sustainable Jersey.

"Right now, South Orange has a charging station and Millburn has a charging station," Falzarano said. "Those are Level 2 stations. The charging station that would be installed for the borough would, from what I understand would be the first on the East Coast, a Level 3 charging station. Level 2 stations take about 60 minutes to charge a vehicle. The Level 3 takes 15 minutes. We have already received $10,000 prepaid for the grant and the remainder to be paid after the installation."

The idea is to place the charging stations near Main Street so that drivers with electric cars can easily find the station by checking an application on their phone.



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