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School Sports Guest Column

Chatham Football Team Visits ECLC

Michael Mulford

Monday, November 25, 2013 • 10:45pm

CHATHAM, NJ - The Chatham Cougar football team visited ECLC on Nov. 8. The Cougars went to the school to meet with and talk to many of the students there. The idea for the visit came from Christina McGeough (senior co-captain Kyle McGeough’s mom), ECLC Principal Diane Gagliardi and Chatham coach Joe Sullivan.

“Mrs. Gagliardi came to me and asked me to take over and coordinate what the football team and the kids were going to do, so it was my idea to have the kids (football team) meet during recess and lunch, interact with the kids (ECLC students), and then go on the field and show them what we do,” Sullivan said.

When the team first arrived, about half of them walked around from classroom to classroom visiting with different students, while the other half sat down and spoke with other students in the lunchroom. After that, the team and the students went outside in the bitter cold to Lum Field to play some good old-fashioned football, together.

Many of the Chatham quarterbacks threw passes to the ECLC students, who ran routes. Also, a handful of students went with some Cougar linemen to go block on the sleds. Both the team and the students had so much fun, that not even the harsh weather could damper the moment.

Sullivan added that, “I thought it was amazing. I think it affected both parties. I had parents from the football players come up to me; I had staff members from ECLC talking about how great it was.”

There was no doubt that it was a great day at ECLC. Everyone was cheering, laughing, and some were even cheering with pom-poms. “I think it was a great thing, and I hope that we can continue to do it.”


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