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Change in Date for Summit Elks Christmas Party to Sunday, Dec. 15th, at 4:00 PM

John DeSocio, Secretary

Monday, December 2, 2013 • 9:57am

Please note the change of date of the Summit Elks Children's Christmas Party from Friday, Dec. 6th to Sunday, Dec. 15th at 4:00 PM.  This is due to a conflict of events - Summit Football will be playing at Kean College for the State Championship the evening of Dec. 6th.  All other details remain the same.  Please bring a small wrapped present of each child with their names on it so Santa can give it to them.  There will be soda and food for the kiddies big and small.  Kindly advise Mike Williams at fmikewilliams@aol.com of the number of adults and children that will be coming so we have enough food on hand.

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