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Boy Scout Troop 67 Sponsors Food, Supply Collection for National Guard

The Alternative Press Staff

Friday, November 29, 2013 • 6:01pm

SUMMIT, NJ - Summit Boy Scout Troop 67 sponsored a food and supply collection at Kings Food Market in Summit to benefit the 102nd Army Calvary of the Westfield National Guard.  The following scouts participated: Adam Dwyer, Stirling Hiltebrand, Josh Hybl, Evan Hybl, Eric Kaufman, Tyler Kaufman, Jake McEvoy, Tommy McGhee, Daniel McTernan, Daniel Melka, Declan Meyer, Harrison Michaels, Gabe Schiffer, JJ Stewart and Thomas Tarantino.

The drive collected 30 Kings grocery bags full of groceries and much needed personal items to be donated to the local National Guard branch.  The generosity of the Summit Kings shoppers generated an additional donation of $376, which was directed to the Guard for any additional needs.

Troop 67 is affiliated with the local military support organization Bonds of Courage.  The Boy Scouts enthusiastically support their mission to provide much needed aid and comfort to the troops and their families from this area.  In addition to the contributions to the National Guard, there was a $50 donation made directly to Bonds of Courage at the collection.

In recognition of their efforts, Troop 67 has been invited to visit the Armory for a behind–the-scenes guided tour, which will take place before the year ends.  Troop 67’s Community Service Coordinator, Cynthia Tarantino, commented that, “It will be an awesome event and a fitting experience for our scouts who have demonstrated great pride and support for our country’s military.”  For more information about Troop 67 and the local Boy Scouts, visit Troop67online.org.

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