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Borough Of Milltown Receives State Approval to Use Open Space to Build New Electrical Substation on Higher Ground

Rob Rakossy

Friday, December 20, 2013 • 9:11am

MILLTOWN, NJ - The Mayor and Council are pleased to announce that the Borough of Milltown received approval on Monday December 16 from the New Jersey State House Commission of the State of New Jersey to acquire 1.325 acres of the Middlesex County Open Space Property on Washington Avenue for the construction of a new electrical substation. The use of the County Open Space Property provides the most efficient and cost effective method for building the new substation on higher ground, outside of the flood plain.  In exchange, the Borough will convey 2.653 acres of Borough owned property to the County together with additional consideration.

The Borough’s application was sponsored by Middlesex County and had the support of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Senator Bob Smith, who represents Milltown, asked his colleagues on the State House Commission to support the project, which he called urgent in light of prolonged power outages during recent storm events. Attending the meeting seeking the Commission’s approval were Mayor Eric Steeber, Council President Richard Ryan, Council Members Randy Farkas, Joseph Pietanza, George Murray and Patty Murray.

“When the State House Commission gave us their unanimous support for the project, we were extremely grateful and breathed a momentary sigh of relief on behalf of the residents of Milltown. With our next breath, we knew we had to move forward with this critical project as quickly as possible,” explained Mayor Steeber.

In anticipation of the vote by the State House Commission, a special joint meeting of the Borough Council and the Electrical Advisory Committee was scheduled for Monday night. The project approval allowed the Borough to quickly proceed with the planning and design of the new substation.  At the meeting, the Mayor, Council Members and the Electrical Advisory Committee pledged to take all necessary action to advance this project efficiently and swiftly.

The Borough of Milltown wishes to express its gratitude to the numerous residents, professionals and governmental officials who have assisted throughout the application and approval process.  Special thanks go out to Senator Bob Smith and the Middlesex County Board of Chosen Freeholders.

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