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Bonds of Courage Expands, Finds A New Home

The Alternative Press Staff

Thursday, November 21, 2013 • 1:31pm

SUMMIT, NJ - In May, 2004, a small group of Summit residents banded together to form Summit Supports Our Troops.  That organization rallied residents in the Summit area to create a community of civilians dedicated to supporting our troops which remains active almost ten years later.  In 2010, in order to better serve a larger area and increased need, the name was changed to Bonds of Courage, and the mission was expanded to providing urgently needed services in the areas of jobs, health, families and finances.

With pride in its Summit roots, but realizing that Bonds of Courage needed more access to our military than was available in Summit, Dr. Christine Truhe, President of Bonds of Courage, is pleased to announce that, to continue to meet the growing needs of New Jersey’s military and their families while remaining close to their roots in Summit, they will be partnering with the New Jersey National Guard and moving offices to the New Jersey National Guard Armory, 500 Rahway Avenue, in Westfield.

Relocation to the armory offers easier access to those seeking services provided by Bonds of Courage and a true home for that support.  In addition, the community of Westfield has celebrated the men and women of the military through active support of the armory over many years.  Dr. Truhe stated that, “We are proud to continue our services to troops, veterans and their families with a New Jersey connection from all branches of the military at a location which is both familiar and comforting to those we serve.  This mulit-city, public, private partnership is a proud accomplishment for Summit, Westfield, and the State of New Jersey.”  She added that the web address for Bonds of Courage, www.bondsofcourage.org, and their phone number, 908.273.4122, will remain the same.

During this longest period of war in American history, the good people of our greater community have sent items to over 26,000 troops, raised nearly $1.5 million in cash donations, and collected tens of thousands of in-kind donations which have all benefited our local military, active and discharged, with honor and support.  Hundreds of volunteers have packed boxes, “cycled for courage”, written letters, called troops and their families, and served as mentors.  One of the greatest challenges faced by military support organizations is getting services into the hands of those who need them. This move into an active armory will allow Bonds of Courage to hand those services directly to them.

Ever grateful for the continued support from their friends in the Summit area, Bonds of Courage looks forward to expanding relationships with Westfield residents as well, for the good of the soldiers.  They remind everyone to remember our military and all that they have sacrificed for you.  With the holiday season approaching, it is hoped that you continue your support of New Jersey’s troops, veterans, and their families by including them on your holiday gift list with a donation to Bonds of Courage in support of our military.  You are also encouraged to visit their website www.bondsofcourage.org to make a donation and also to learn about services and opportunities for becoming a part of the organization.

Bonds of Courage has been determined to be a not-for-profit, public charity, # 71-0993070, exempt from the federal income tax under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations made to this organization are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.



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