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South Plainfield — Letters to the Editor

Bartfalvi on Ballot for Freeholder

Saturday, August 30, 2014 • 12:00am

Dear Editor,

Probably few people know that South Plainfield resident Stephanie Bartfalvi will be on the ballot this year, running for a spot on the county freeholder board.

We need someone like Stephanie to get things under control.  For example, just look at the tax bill.   While the mayor and council were able to keep taxes flat this year (down about eight dollars), the school board went up $114, and the county went up $69.  And since 2009, the county went up $291.

It's frustrating to see how our town is squeezing every penny and working to hold down taxes, while at the same time, the county is raising them.  Someone like Stephanie would bring what's working here to the county level, and that's why we need to get behind her when we vote this year.

Sue Goulet

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