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Academy of Our Lady of Peace Launches STEAM Club Program

The Alternative Press Staff

Monday, November 25, 2013 • 6:00am

NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - The Academy of Our Lady of Peace School in New Providence recently kicked off its new STEAM Club program. 

An acronym that is quickly becoming the new standard in education, STEAM denotes "Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math." The benefits of incorporating STEAM-based projects into school curricula have been the subject of several major national studies. STEAM programs are believed to enhance students’ innovation and creativity while strengthening core skills.

The Academy of OLP created The Academy STEAM Club, offered to students in grades five through eight, during the school day as part of an elective club period.

The STEAM Club sessions are co-taught by math teacher Rosalie Intartaglia and technology teacher Mary Rose Raleigh.

“Both Ms. Intartaglia and I are excited to create a bridge between the math, science and technology curricula using projects with artistic components,” Raleigh said. “The mission of the STEAM club is to reinforce these lessons and nurture the students’ creative abilities. We believe this combination will help inspire the students to innovate in all areas of study.”

The STEAM Club’s most recent project combined a Halloween theme with  "e-textiles." The students used products from SparkFun Electronics to learn about electricity and create holiday-themed fabric decorations that light up. The students learned the fundamentals of electrical circuits, using conductive stainless-steel thread to sew the battery sources, LEDs  (Light Emitting Diodes) and switches into place.  

The students displayed their finished product in the school hallway. Visitors have been encouraged to stop by the school at 99 South St., where an Academy student will be made available to explain the project.

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