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A Jolly Santa Sighting In Ironia

The Alternative Press.com Staff

Tuesday, December 24, 2013 • 9:05pm

RANDOLPH, NJ- On Saturday Dec 21, there were sightings of a white bearded man in a red furry suit parading around the streets of Ironia on the back of a fire truck.  It was the man of the season, the famous Santa Claus, who was in town spreading Christmas cheer to all.

Children young and old waited patiently outside their houses for Old Saint Nick to arrive on the fire truck. They could hear his approach from the sound of sirens and the playing of Christmas music.  Young Julia, age 8, explained that she has lived here for four years. “I am excited to see Santa again” she exclaimed.

There were many stops on Santa’s route, where he got off the truck and spoke with the children.  He handed out goodie bags full of sweets and candy for all the good boys and girls, and even a few good parents.

Patrick, age 9, said “I feel good and sugary to see Santa.”  When asked what he wanted, he said “I want an X-box for Christmas.” 

Even jolly Santa took a minute to answer a few questions.  He said “I am having an absolutely great day.” He thought he had seen about 52 kids so far throughout his 9:00-10:30 AM shift, and his day was just beginning.

Many people in the neighborhoods of Ironia say this event has been happening every year, and their children all look forward to it. After Santa departed one of his stops, Jillian, age 5 commented “I was happy to see Santa.  I want a teddy bear for Christmas, and my favorite toy I have now is a stuffed elephant.”  

When the day was over, Santa thanked the volunteers from the Ironia fire house who drove him around town and helped him hand out the candy bags.  At 4:00 PM, he left to return to the North Pole, but what he left behind in Randolph, was many happy smiling kids looking forward to a joyous Christmas Day. 

Written by a 6th Grade Randolph Middle School Student

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